Private Sessions

We recommend that all clients attend a private one-on-one session prior to starting group classes so that we can get to know your body and your individual goals. It is a 60 minute session that is specific to your goals and needs. The focus is on teaching you correct breathing and alignment, while you develop proficiency in technique and any personal modifications. The instructor develops a program customized to the individual client based on age, the presence of any injuries or alignment issues and fitness goals.

Duet Sessions

This session is ideal for two people who want to work together with one instructor. Like a Private Session, Pilates Duet sessions are designed similarly but includes the extra fun of sharing it with a friend, partner or co-worker. You must book this with another person. Some Pilates experience is necessary, unless both partners are beginners.
Need a Pilates partner? Contact us, and we can help match you up with someone.

Reformer Group (Power Class)

This is an Instructor – led Reformer Group class. We have a series of Group classes tailored to suit your needs- from essentials to advanced levels. The pace is moderate, yet challenging and will tone muscles, strengthen the core and provide an invigorating total-body workout.

Studio Equipment Group

Our studios offer semi-private class where clients work out with up to four participants. This is an Instructor-supervised class where clients will use all studio apparatus during their workout. Like our private program, participants in semi-private training will tone and stretch every muscle group, while raising their heart rate, all in one session.

Choose semi-privates sessions to work out with two to four people for a more inexpensive and social alternative to private sessions.

Beginner Program

All new Clients will start with a beginner program to learn fundamental exercises using the reformer. The consists of 3 private (one-on-one) sessions.

Upon completion, clients will continue to work and develop their programs and bodies under close supervision in small group or private sessions.

Combo Pack

This consists of 5 Private sessions and 5 Group sessions.